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Combo of Root Power Liquid, Hydroponic and pH Nutrients


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  • A Complete Hydroponic Kit nutrients solution including General Hydroponic Nutrients A & B specifically optimized for use of mixed vegetables and plants for home growers; pH Up & Down, and Organic Root Power Liquid; Each set is Formulated to provide all essential nutrients for healthy plant growth in hydroponic systems.
  • General Hydroponic A and B set provides the essential nutrients to ensure optimal plant growth and health and be used in Soil and Cocopeat; Together the A & B Hydroponics Nutrient provides blend of NPK + 13 Key Macro & Micro Nutrients + Secondary nutrients + various beneficial substances like Amino Acids, Enzymes & Proteins.
  • pH Up and pH Down Set allows you to adjust the pH of your hydroponic solution to the optimal level for your plants without which the plant’s growth will be hindered.
  • Organic Root Power Liquid provides extra nutrients to root hormone which enhances root growth and helps prevent common root issues; It increases the surface area of roots and provides better plant growth and yield.
  • All three sets are entirely natural, non-toxic, and safe for all plants; Convenient all-in-one hydroponics nutrients solution kit is designed for easy and efficient nutrient management in your hydroponic setup at home or farm gardening.

How to Use:

Root Power Liquid

  • Apply 10 to 20 drops of the Root Power liquid per plant.
  • Water plants afterwards.
  • Use once every month or as per requirement.

pH Nutrient for Hydroponics

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Use Sparingly- Add to the nutrient solution, a little at a time, then test pH; Repeat application and test until the desired pH is achieved.
  • The quantity necessary for pH adjustments will vary depending on the strength of the nutrient and the purity of water used to mix nutrient.

Hydroponic Nutrient A & B

  • For seedlings, 2.5ml of each solution mixed together after they have sprouted true leaves.
  • After transplanting, 3 ml per litre for a week.
  • Raise it to 4 ml/litre following that. (Raising level/frequency would depend on the water quality and desired EC)

Additional Information:

  • Root Power Liquid Fertilizer contains different hormones and enzymes that improves the hairy feeding roots formation in any plant at any point as new root formation takes place.
  • pH Up and pH Down Solutions help to quickly and effectively increase/decrease the pH level of your nutrient solution in order to bring it into the optimal range for your specific plant species. A balanced pH helps to ensure maximum hydroponics nutrients are available to the plant.
  • General Hydroponic Nutrients encourage quick absorption, hence, ingredients are easily & quickly absorbed by the plant which helps in faster growth. These hydroponic Nutrients are manufactured using chelated micronutrients to prevent nutrient locking.
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