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Combo of Organic Manure (1.8 kg) and Neem Cake (450 g)


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Cow/Organic Manure
  • Cow/Organic Manure is a 100% organic cow dung manure for plants available in the form of finely textured dried Cow Dung Powder.
  • It is the byproduct of composting. It is an excellent fertilizer for plants, trees, and lawns.
  • This cow dung fertilizer included Superior porosity and consistent powdered texture which supports organic principles and enriches the soil.
Neem Cake
  • Neem cake powder for plants provides essential Macronutrients for plants in the form of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium that contributes to overall growth of plants.
  • Neem khali powder for plants acts as a natural pesticide for plants and prevents root rot.
  • It is a Natural Pest Killer, Antifungal & Antibacterial Product that protects plants from all kind of pests and insects.

How to Use:

Cow/Organic Manure
  • Loosen the top layer of soil to the depth of 1 inch around the plant.
  • Apply 100-300 grams of Garden Genie’s Organic Manure to your plant, depending on the size of plant.
  • Water enough to moist the media immediately.
  • Use it once every two months.
Neem Cake
  • Use 30-40 grams of Neem Cake per plant as soil application and subsequently 10-20 grams as per plants needs.
  • Alternatively, you can also mix Neem Cake with soil and apply on and around the roots of the plants, vegetables, bushes or trees.
  • Use it once every 3-4 weeks.

Additional Information:

Cow/Organic Manure
  • Our gobar khad contains microbial bio-stimulants to enhance disease resistance.
  • It improves texture, drainage and aeration of soil as well as boosts nutrient efficiency.
  • It restores and maintains soil fertility and nurtures plant growth.
  • Organic manure can be used in any soil condition and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
Neem Cake
  • This fertilizer increases airflow through the soil, which allows the plant’s roots to breathe.
  • It provides plants with essential nutrients including N-P-K
  • It builds plant immunity & protects from diseases
  • Organic matter supplied by neem cake improves water flow in soil and improves soil texture.
  • Neem Cake provides a food source for soil micro-organisms which contribute to macro-pore formation.
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