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Abhishek CP

Best Nutrients For Hydroponics

I have been an avid user of hydroponic nutrients, I was earlier using one of the more popular brands on amazon, made the switch recently since I was looking for a more economical solution – so decided to purchase the product. Simply loved the product, EFFECTIVE AND CHEAP! Definitely recommend, will try their ph down and root power products soon!! Thanks Garden Genie!!

Praveen Singh

Best Vermicompost for Potted Plants

I have earlier used vermicompost bought from nurseries and also online but have been most satisfied with this particular consignment from Garden Genie. My potted plants are flourishing. I mix my vermicompost with garden soil. Even my marigold seeds have turned out healthy saplings and my rose plants have benefitted. There are actually a few baby worms in the compost!


Best Poultry Manure

Garden Genie Poultry Manure is the best and I have been using it for quite some time. It has given me great results so far. It has all the ingredients for my dragon fruit plant and has already much more fruits than last year. Just got it and use it properly.

Ghanshyam Bishnoi

Perfect Packaging With Details

The package arrived on time and as per directions i sprinkled on all my plants. I am happy with the quality of the product and the results seen in my garden. I also like the fact that the packaging was detailed which helped me learn further about the benefits and uses of this product.

Manohar Kumar

Better Growth With Epsom Salt

Been using Garden Genie’s Epsom Salt for 2 weeks now and the plants do appear to grow better and greener. I have used this product on Jasmine, Hibiscus, Marigold, Rose, Tulsi plant all off which are blooming better than before. Hibiscus and Rose are even getting new buds.

Mihir Singh Nandiwal

Got Beautiful Roses

Great product with good results. I started noticing buds in my rose plant within 2 weeks. It helped me to grow my rose flowers in bigger size than usual. It also helped me to grow my other flowering plants like Hibiscus, Jasmine also. Just follow the instructions on the pack for best results.

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